My contribution to KhanAcademy’s Bay Area learning program
If you haven’t heard of KhanAcademy yet, check it out. Like now. Here’s a link. 
Now that that’s out of the way. I can tell you a bit about LearnStorm
LearnStorm lets KhanAcademy users in the Bay Area get points for themselves and their school by learning math skills. I think the best part is that you don’t just get points based on how hard the math you’re learning is–you get points based on how hard you’re trying. 
To add to that, they have “Weekly Challenges,” where you can share your thoughts on an aspect of learning through a creative medium. I’ve seen people make videos, writing, posters, drawings, and so many other incredible things. 
For the first few activities, I really didn’t submit much. I’d just read through the activity and think about it. Finally, I decided I’d give it a try and actually submit something. 
The prompt was to make a growth mindset superhero. For those of you who don’t know what a growth mindset is, I suggest you head on down to this link: Growth Mindset: You can learn Anything and find out. 
I spent about 3 days sketching and brainstorming and there was even a point when I wanted to give up. But I mustered up some motivation and finally came up with this:
What do you think?
I was really proud of it, but still nervous to submit. I almost didn’t, but I’m soooo glad that I did. 
About a week later, it was featured in the LearnStorm blog!!! (It may take a little scrolling to get to it: Activity #3) I was absolutely thrilled; I literally got up and did a little happy-dance. 
If there’s one thing I got out of this it’s that you should never be afraid to put yourself out there, even if other people don’t like it. If I had chickened out and decided not to submit this, no one would have seen my artwork. But because I was ready to put myself out there, now thousands of people have seen it. 

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