Berkeley Visit!

Beautiful campus full of amazing people

I got to visit UC Berkeley today and it was amazing!

The campus is absolutely stunning.

Many of the buildings are inspired off old architecture.

Their grandeur is truly awe-inspiring.  
Not to mention this huuuuuge library!
A friends tells me this is her favorite place to study: The gigantic windows let you see the sky change colors into the night. 

The gate at the front of the school was used as inspiration for Monster’s University:
See the resemblance?

The biology building has a must-see Tyrannosaurus-Rex fossil:
I love how the seemingly ancient buildings at the heart of the campus balance out the more modern ones on the outskirts of campus. 
One of Berkeley’s 33 libraries has this statue of Mark Twain:
He’s reading one of his own books: Huckleberry Finn

Did you know that Nobel Prize winners get free parking at Berkeley?
One Nobel Prize winner, Saul Perlmutter, even stated, “The only reason to win a Nobel Prize is so that you can park on campus.” (X) After my struggle trying to find parking today, I can totally relate.

All in all, I loved this trip and I’m so glad I got to have this experience.

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