Coding for Kids

My experience as a teacher 
Four weeks ago, I taught my very first coding class with Coding for Kids. Math and Coding organized this class. Their mission is to prove that anyone can learn to code–in just a few weeks! 
Basically, three high school kids teach about twenty elementary and middle school kids basic programming skills using Tynker, a simple drag-n-drop form of block-coding. I was the lead teacher of the class. 
To be honest, I was terrified at first. I wanted to teach, but at the same time, I was so scared. Standing in front of 20 people with all eyes on you can be nerve-wracking–even if they are just third graders. 
I started off with a pretty negative mentality:
I felt like the students were judging me. Noting my mistakes, my slip-ups. 
Of course, this kind of thinking got me nowhere–I just had to change.
After about half and hour of all my negative thinking, I decided it wasn’t worth it.
Then I completely changed my mindset:
These kids weren’t judging me; they were learning from me. They wanted to hear what I had to say. And it was my duty to make sure I did a good job. 
All of a sudden, I felt comfortable speaking. And confident too, as I saw kids learning and understanding from my lessons.

I loved seeing them smile as they learned a new concept. 

Or their faces light up when they completed the course.
I’ve grown to love teaching

I’ve grown from scared to really loving the class. 

It’s really incredible how a different form of thinking can change your view on things. 

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