Camp is Over!!!!!

The end of a long journey
Camp went amazing! It was a huge success! I feel so happy and invigorated right now. I can’t believe how much of an impact I was able to make!


At the very end of camp, parents were asking for my email, contact info, to take a picture with their girl. It means so much to me to have parents come and personally thank me. The entire experience was so amazing and I just felt so important. It makes me so proud to know that I made such an impact on so many people. And we raised over $1400 in donations!!!!


Honestly, when we were first starting the camp, I thought I would be happiest when I was finally counting the money! And to tell the truth, I was pretty happy when I was counting the money. It was immense proudness in my achievement! After all, I actually earned this money.
Still, that happiness could never match up to the happiness I got when the girls and their parents came up to me, asking for pictures, hugs, and giving thank you cards. That happiness is so special and irreplaceable. I could feel my entire body fill with joy when they said thank you and personally appreciated all the work I had put into the camp. At the start I thought that I would be practical and “sensible” and feel happiest with my monetary earnings, but really, in the end I was happiest receiving the love and thanks from girls and their parents. Who knew I could be so sappy?


One of the lovely gifts students gave me




On Thursday on girl asked “Where do you like to go shopping?” I was taken a bit by surprise, but I knew that young kids this age tend to ask strange questions. So I replied “Stores in malls that sell a lot of stuff, like Macy’s or Target,” and the next day, her dad came and gave me a Macy’s gift card!!! I felt so crazy happy to see that they had taken the time to personally get me something! -That they really appreciated all the hours of blood, sweat, and tears that I had put into this camp.


I just feel so amazing and proud!!

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