ArtReach Despicable Me paintings

Working to make sets for SHOK

ArtReach decided to do a fun little collaboration project with SHOK (Student Health Outreach for Kids). Basically, SHOK holds skits and plays for kids at different schools to educate them about health and health issues. This year, they were doing a “Despicable Me” themed play, so ArtReach stepped in to paint the props. 

On the left is Gru’s house and the right is Vector’s

It was really fun creating this. Usually, I do digital art, so it was pretty different having to paint something for once. There’s something so therapeutic about the repetitive motions of painting. In digital art, I could have achieved the same final outcome much faster, but I wouldn’t have gone through the patient process of painting. 

Patiently getting in all the little white spaces

All in all, it was super fun, and it’s so great knowing that my work is going towards a good cause!

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