Tour of Pixar!

An amazing place!

Today, I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Emeryville Pixar campus thanks to our awesome host, Henry Garcia, who works there and has helped Girls Who Code in the past. 

All the things at Pixar was absolutely awe-inspiring. From their buildings, to their clay models, to their concept art, to their facilities. 

Their amazing feats don’t go unnoticed with their 10-foot display case full of awards! This is probably the closest I’ll ever get to an Oscar 🙂

But I can say that one of my favorite parts about Pixar’s artwork is the color scripts. I was lucky enough to be able to see the color scripts for Finding Dory (which comes out in a couple weeks, Thursday, June 16th!). Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures (some things just gotta secret ya know XP). However, I can say that they were all absolutely stunning and I’m so grateful that I got to see them. 
Though I can’t show you Finding Dory‘s color scripts, I hope to convey how amazing Pixar’s colors scripts are by showing this one, from Pixar’s 2003 film, Finding Nemo:

Each color shows its own mood and feeling. And the lighting is so gorgeous. One of my favorite parts about Pixar’s artwork is the colors. It’s obvious the immense attention to detail, dedication, and effort that goes into creating the color scripts. You can look at more of Pixar’s other colors scripts here, or even just a quick Google search will show you many of their released color scripts. 
I hope to get a better handle on color and light in my own artwork and seeing artwork at Pixar has really inspiring me to pursue that challenge. 

Pixar is truly an amazing place to work at. They work to inspire their employees and make sure they have a fun, creative atmosphere. From soccer fields to cereal bars to opportunities to learn new skills, Pixar really provides a lot for its employees and I hope that I will work at a place like this someday!

Update: Pixar has released some of their Finding Dory art which you can see here. And it’s truly amazing!

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