3D Print Sheriff Star

3D Printing Project!

Next week at my school is homecoming! And to kick it off, we have our staff homecoming skit which was “Wild West” themed. So everyone came to school decked in their cowboy gear, with boots, hats, and bandanas. 
I, unfortunately, do not have a spare cowboy hat lying around, but I still wanted to wear something fun and cowboy-themed to school, so I decided to create a fun Sheriff Star with my name on it.
After looking at a few reference photos, I planned out the code. I would need a module for an equilateral triangle as well as the correct math to shift it in the right place. I’d use a for loop to efficiently place all six little dots in place and I wanted to make the entire thing parametrized (why not! XP)

First off: making a parametrized equilateral triangle. My first stabs at this didn’t work, until I finally got out a pen and paper and visualized the shape I was trying to create. Then I finally saw the geometry I needed for this to work:

This hardest part was probably shifting everything correct amount and this too required a lot of geometry. 
And though I thought it would be challenging, making the for loop for the six dots actually turning out to be the most interesting part:
All in all, it was super fun making this project and homecoming was a blast!

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