Technovation Challenge

I’m super proud to say that since September of last year, I’ve been working with a team of 4 other girls in the Technovation Challenge–a global competition where teams of girls work together to create an app that helps work towards one of the UN Global Goals

Our team, team superCode, created Amity, and app working towards the goal of Peace. 
From our submission, which you can view here:
“Amity serves to bridge the physical and cultural distance between people across the world. Read other users’ stories by clicking a country on the globe, and share your own experiences, from personal anecdotes, to photos and videos, to recipes. Like and bookmark your favorite posts to easily view them later. In creating a platform for people everywhere to view different cultures, Amity hopes to promote a feeling of friendship, or amity, among people of all cultures.”

Out of thousands of worldwide competitors–we made it to semi-finals!!!!
Though we didn’t make it past semi-finals, I’m incredibly proud of our work, making it this far in a global competition. I’m also proud of our determination to make an impact and we’re continuing to work on this project over summer!
You can check out all of our code on GitHub here

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