SCS Day (Part 2!)

I was featured in SCS Day again!!! Last year (link) I had a small display with a handful of my comics. It was a lot of fun being featured as well as attending and seeing everyone else’s diverse range of talents.

 This year, I got the opportunity to be featured again and had a lot more art to share. I got an entire wall of my art and comics and to be honest it was almost overwhelming!

I’ve openly shared my art online to thousands of people, but that has never really been nerve-wracking since I don’t actually know those people. But here, my work was blown up and put on the walls of the Gates computer science building–the same building I practically live in and seen by all the people I work with and respect. That has a completely different feeling to it and while I was proud of my work I also felt a little scared. Would they like it? What if my students saw it? Will people see me differently? Would people think of me as less of a serious computer scientist if they saw this silly part of me?

 It’s a work in progress, but I’m learning to let go of those doubts and just try to own the person I am–someone who is serious and studious, but also likes to goof around and draw silly comics.

I’m super glad I participated again and I can’t wait to see what next year’s SCS Day will be like!

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