First Research Project

This semester, I did an independent study project and presented at the end-of-semester “Meeting of the Minds” event held at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science. Throughout the semester, I worked with my advisor, Cori Faklaris–a Ph.D. student and Arnav Mahajan–another undergraduate, on our research project in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute. Our overall goal was toContinue reading “First Research Project”

Machine Learning Tutorial

As I mentioned in my last post here, I interned at a startup this summer where I got to work on Machine Learning Models. I compiled together the basic core ideas and concepts involved in creating a model like this from start-to-finish and made this fun tutorial: Check it out!

Numerify Summer Internship

This summer I was an intern at Numerify! Numerify is a tech startup providing a system of Intelligence for IT. It was an incredible experience, and I learned so much in such a short period.Numerify’s clients include companies such as Netflix, Coach, and McDonald’s. They use Business Intelligence and analytics tools to help their customersContinue reading “Numerify Summer Internship”

Facebook Intern Summerfest!

I had so much fun today at the Facebook Intern Summerfest! Like a regular job fair, I got to talk to a lot of recruiters about potential work in the future. But unlike a regular job fair, I got to play games, hangout, and have casual conversations with people who actually work at Facebook. IContinue reading “Facebook Intern Summerfest!”

AP Statistics Visuals used in class

Back in high school, I created some visuals to help me learn AP Statistics. I am proud to say that the AP Statistics instructor has now included them in his curriculum. I especially like this bottom one because it is a fun memorable way to remember lurking variables. While at first glance it may seemContinue reading “AP Statistics Visuals used in class”

Making Girls Who Create Public

A couple summers ago, I made the Girls Who Create summer camp. I started from scratch and created a curriculum, schedule, slides, teaching material, demonstrations, and coded examples. It was one of the most amazing and most rewarding experiences of my entire life. I hoped to do it again and continue the camp, but afterContinue reading “Making Girls Who Create Public”

Meeting one of my idols!

I just met one of my artistic idols! I’ve been following Katherine Tsai aka for a more than a couple years now and I have always admired her art. Especially the way she does gorgeous lighting effects and the way she uses color. I recently found out that she also goes to CMU! AndContinue reading “Meeting one of my idols!”

Comic published in school newspaper!

I got one of my comics published in Carnegie Mellon’s school newspaper–The Tartan! I’m super excited and hopefully, there’s more to come 🙂 Though it’s also fun posting it online and getting anonymous feedback from thousands of people, having a real, physical print copy of my work is a whole nother feeling. It feels goodContinue reading “Comic published in school newspaper!”