Berkeley Visit!

Beautiful campus full of amazing people I got to visit UC Berkeley today and it was amazing! The campus is absolutely stunning. Many of the buildings are inspired off old architecture. Their grandeur is truly awe-inspiring.   Not to mention this huuuuuge library! A friends tells me this is her favorite place to study: TheContinue reading “Berkeley Visit!”

Becoming a Yoga Instructor

An incredible experience  In order to become a certified Yoga Instructor through Yoga Bharati, you have to: Attend eight hours of instruction per week for twelve weeks (That’s 96 hours) Go on a yoga retreat for 2 days and one night (Camping in the woods) Teach a class for 30 hours over the course ofContinue reading “Becoming a Yoga Instructor”

Zentangles: Part 2

Still Stunningly IntricateQuite a while ago, I wrote about being introduces to Zentangles. Here’s that old post: (X). Now I want to show you how much difference a few months can make: Here are some of my new-and-improved Zentangles Though I may not be as good as some Zentangle masters out there… I’ve definitely improvedContinue reading “Zentangles: Part 2”


My contribution to KhanAcademy’s Bay Area learning program If you haven’t heard of KhanAcademy yet, check it out. Like now. Here’s a link.  Now that that’s out of the way. I can tell you a bit about LearnStorm.  LearnStorm lets KhanAcademy users in the Bay Area get points for themselves and their school by learningContinue reading “LearnStorm”

10 Experiences that Shaped my Life:

When I was six, I got lost for the first time. I think it was the first time I was really that terrified. I know it seems silly now, but back then, I thought I was going to die right there in the public library. Once, when my dad was driving me somewhere, I sawContinue reading “10 Experiences that Shaped my Life:”


Stunningly IntricateMy dad ordered some cardboard coasters from amazon (X), and told me to draw something cool on them. But of course, the word “cool” is extremely subjective. So I decided to google around and find some “cool” designs. That’s when I came across Zentangles. Beautiful, intricate patterns drawn on paper, clothes, bags, and evenContinue reading “Zentangles”