WiSTEM BARE at Google!

Bay Area Research Exposition I had a great time today at my school’s Women in STEM club’s event at Google. At the Bay Area Research Exposition, I got to hear from inspiring guest speakers who shared their experiences as women in science and technology fields. It was really engaging and I was amazed to seeContinue reading “WiSTEM BARE at Google!”

Econ Life Budget Project

Creating a financial plan for a lifetime I just finished my Life Plan for Economics class. Basically, I had to create a detailed spreadsheet explaining how I would budget 7 different stages of my life. I also created fun little visuals to go with each stage. Here they are: University Life Single and working Married!Continue reading “Econ Life Budget Project”

3D Print Sheriff Star

3D Printing Project! Next week at my school is homecoming! And to kick it off, we have our staff homecoming skit which was “Wild West” themed. So everyone came to school decked in their cowboy gear, with boots, hats, and bandanas.  I, unfortunately, do not have a spare cowboy hat lying around, but I stillContinue reading “3D Print Sheriff Star”

Girls Who Create Summer Camp!

An Incredible Experience! Just finished creating, organizing, and teaching the Girls Who Create Camp and it was one of the best experiences of my life! It was a lot of responsibility creating this summer camp on my own and I learned so much. At this camp, I taught girls about 3D Printing and design, butContinue reading “Girls Who Create Summer Camp!”

Stanford Pre Collegiate Institutes

Stanford Summer! I just spent the last 3 weeks at Stanford for the Stanford Pre Collegiate Summer Institutes. And I can honestly say it was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. This was the longest I’ve lived away from home without my family. And as an internationally reputed camp, SPCSI allowedContinue reading “Stanford Pre Collegiate Institutes”

Tour of Pixar!

An amazing place! Today, I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Emeryville Pixar campus thanks to our awesome host, Henry Garcia, who works there and has helped Girls Who Code in the past.  All the things at Pixar was absolutely awe-inspiring. From their buildings, to their clay models, to their concept art, to their facilities. Continue reading “Tour of Pixar!”