ArtReach Poster #1

The process behind one poster.  As the Public Relations officer for Lynbrook’s ArtReach club, I have to make a lot of posters, flyers, and other ads to promote our club. I recently spent about two days working on one specific poster that I’m really proud of. It started off with as a simple  idea, and grewContinue reading “ArtReach Poster #1”

Camp is Over!!!!!

The end of a long journey   Camp went amazing! It was a huge success! I feel so happy and invigorated right now. I can’t believe how much of an impact I was able to make!   At the very end of camp, parents were asking for my email, contact info, to take a pictureContinue reading “Camp is Over!!!!!”

Girls Who Code Summer Camp

A lot of hard work!  Me and my fellow Girl Who Code officers have decided to hold a Summer Camp for girls in 4th through 6th grade. And of course, as president, this means I have had a lot of work to do. So many things had to be taken care of: How should weContinue reading “Girls Who Code Summer Camp”

Teaching at LinkedIN

An absolutely amazing experience  I just got the amazing opportunity to teach kids aged 5 to 12 coding at LinkenIN’s super fun Inday Event.  Though I was slightly nervous at first, the moment I got up there and started, I felt so awesome! I was so glad that the kids found coding as fun andContinue reading “Teaching at LinkedIN”

Changing my views on Learning

How teaching helped me learn  For a couple weeks now, I’ve been tutoring a student, named…well, for the sake of confidentiality, let’s call him “Max.” Max has been having trouble with algebra for a while and his dad thought it might be helpful to have me help him so he’s prepared for school next year.Continue reading “Changing my views on Learning”

Coding for Kids

My experience as a teacher  Four weeks ago, I taught my very first coding class with Coding for Kids. Math and Coding organized this class. Their mission is to prove that anyone can learn to code–in just a few weeks!  Basically, three high school kids teach about twenty elementary and middle school kids basic programmingContinue reading “Coding for Kids”

Berkeley Visit!

Beautiful campus full of amazing people I got to visit UC Berkeley today and it was amazing! The campus is absolutely stunning. Many of the buildings are inspired off old architecture. Their grandeur is truly awe-inspiring.   Not to mention this huuuuuge library! A friends tells me this is her favorite place to study: TheContinue reading “Berkeley Visit!”