Artist Alley Zine Cover!

Made the cover of this semester’s Artist Alley Zine: CMU through the Seasons! (Zine = short for self-published magazine) Every semester the Artist Alley Club works together to create a zine with a theme. This summer the theme was Seasons @ CMU. Super proud of all the campus-based Easter Eggs inserted throughout: And here’s theContinue reading “Artist Alley Zine Cover!”

Meeting one of my idols!

I just met one of my artistic idols! I’ve been following Katherine Tsai aka for a more than a couple years now and I have always admired her art. Especially the way she does gorgeous lighting effects and the way she uses color. I recently found out that she also goes to CMU! AndContinue reading “Meeting one of my idols!”

Econ Life Budget Project

Creating a financial plan for a lifetime I just finished my Life Plan for Economics class. Basically, I had to create a detailed spreadsheet explaining how I would budget 7 different stages of my life. I also created fun little visuals to go with each stage. Here they are: University Life Single and working Married!Continue reading “Econ Life Budget Project”

Asked to Draw for Website

Someone noticed my art!Yesterday, I was contacted by a Health Blog called Lupus Chick (link) to draw a little promo picture for them. It felt so cool to have someone reach out to me an ask for this. Someone noticed all my art and liked it enough that they wanted to ask me to makeContinue reading “Asked to Draw for Website”

Craft Faire Vendor!

Finally selling the finished product! For a while now, I’ve been working towards ArtReach’s sale at the Lynbrook Craft Faire. The sale is only one day, but it was really incredible seeing how in order to create that one good day, many different people had to put in countless hours of work.  We sold watercolorContinue reading “Craft Faire Vendor!”