ArtReach Despicable Me paintings

Working to make sets for SHOKArtReach decided to do a fun little collaboration project with SHOK (Student Health Outreach for Kids). Basically, SHOK holds skits and plays for kids at different schools to educate them about health and health issues. This year, they were doing a “Despicable Me” themed play, so ArtReach stepped in toContinue reading “ArtReach Despicable Me paintings”

Inktober Challenge

An ink drawing a day for the whole of October This year I decided to participate in Inktober. (More info here). Basically I had to create a drawing in ink for every single day of October. It was both easier and more difficult than I thought. Easier: I thought drawing in ink would be this crazy newContinue reading “Inktober Challenge”

ArtReach Poster #1

The process behind one poster.  As the Public Relations officer for Lynbrook’s ArtReach club, I have to make a lot of posters, flyers, and other ads to promote our club. I recently spent about two days working on one specific poster that I’m really proud of. It started off with as a simple  idea, and grewContinue reading “ArtReach Poster #1”

Girls Who Code Summer Camp

A lot of hard work!  Me and my fellow Girl Who Code officers have decided to hold a Summer Camp for girls in 4th through 6th grade. And of course, as president, this means I have had a lot of work to do. So many things had to be taken care of: How should weContinue reading “Girls Who Code Summer Camp”

Zentangles: Part 2

Still Stunningly IntricateQuite a while ago, I wrote about being introduces to Zentangles. Here’s that old post: (X). Now I want to show you how much difference a few months can make: Here are some of my new-and-improved Zentangles Though I may not be as good as some Zentangle masters out there… I’ve definitely improvedContinue reading “Zentangles: Part 2”


Stunningly IntricateMy dad ordered some cardboard coasters from amazon (X), and told me to draw something cool on them. But of course, the word “cool” is extremely subjective. So I decided to google around and find some “cool” designs. That’s when I came across Zentangles. Beautiful, intricate patterns drawn on paper, clothes, bags, and evenContinue reading “Zentangles”