Craft Faire Vendor!

Finally selling the finished product! For a while now, I’ve been working towards ArtReach’s sale at the Lynbrook Craft Faire. The sale is only one day, but it was really incredible seeing how in order to create that one good day, many different people had to put in countless hours of work.  We sold watercolorContinue reading “Craft Faire Vendor!”

ArtReach Despicable Me paintings

Working to make sets for SHOKArtReach decided to do a fun little collaboration project with SHOK (Student Health Outreach for Kids). Basically, SHOK holds skits and plays for kids at different schools to educate them about health and health issues. This year, they were doing a “Despicable Me” themed play, so ArtReach stepped in toContinue reading “ArtReach Despicable Me paintings”

ArtReach Poster #1

The process behind one poster.  As the Public Relations officer for Lynbrook’s ArtReach club, I have to make a lot of posters, flyers, and other ads to promote our club. I recently spent about two days working on one specific poster that I’m really proud of. It started off with as a simple  idea, and grewContinue reading “ArtReach Poster #1”