Trip to Google Pittsburgh!

Just came back from a trip to Google Pittsburgh! For the past few years, Carnegie Mellon has taken the incoming class for the School of Computer Science to a trip to Google Pittsburgh. Pretty fitting, considering the Dean of the School of Computer Science, Andrew Moore, was also behind creating the Google engineering office inContinue reading “Trip to Google Pittsburgh!”

Nutanix Tour!

Just came back from the amazing event hosted by Nutanix, a data center infrastructure and cloud computing software company.   It was extremely engaging as we started off with a design workshop and competition (My team and I won 2nd place!) We also had an extremely informative speaker panel of women who work at NutanixContinue reading “Nutanix Tour!”

Zynga Tour!

Today I had the awesome experience of getting a tour of the Video Game Dev company, Zynga! It was really fun and engaging. First, we got to play a bunch of arcade and video games (of course!), but after that, I got to see an amazing presentation by Kasey McKenna, a senior software engineer atContinue reading “Zynga Tour!”