Watch Together FB Messenger

It’s here!!!! I worked on the Messenger Cowatch project. It allows you to watch videos together with friends. Check out its official release page for details on How it Works and more. Here’s a pic of me testing it out with my intern mentor. I worked on the Machine Learning portion to rank and listContinue reading “Watch Together FB Messenger”

Remote Internship at Facebook

This summer I was fortunate enough that the company I signed on to intern with, Facebook, was doing a remote internship during the pandemic. I wanted to summarize some of the ups and downs of this experience. Structured Internship Facebook has a very structured internship. Interns (at least on the technical side) are given 3Continue reading “Remote Internship at Facebook”

Facebook Intern Summerfest!

I had so much fun today at the Facebook Intern Summerfest! Like a regular job fair, I got to talk to a lot of recruiters about potential work in the future. But unlike a regular job fair, I got to play games, hangout, and have casual conversations with people who actually work at Facebook. IContinue reading “Facebook Intern Summerfest!”