Google Science Fair!

As a Technovation Alumn, I was invited to attend the Google Science Fair this year! It was so amazing and inspiring to see the world-shaping inventions these young people are creating. Dianna Cowern aka Physics Girl was MCing the awards ceremony And I was soooo excited because she has had such a huge impact onContinue reading “Google Science Fair!”

Splunk Summer Internship

This summer I got the incredible experience of interning at Splunk!!! There are so many different things I could write about from my experience, but lemme just big a couple main ones: 1) Big vs Small(or more accurately mid-sized company vs startup, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it) 2) CI/CD + CL!(ContinuousContinue reading “Splunk Summer Internship”

Hamilton Lottery!!!!!

I have been obsessed with Hamilton for a while now.  My friends know it: I’ve drawn my favorite characters and made too many comics about them to count.  I’ve listened to the 2 hours and 23 minute soundtrack so many times… …that my music suggestions are definitely skewed: (all these singers are from the OriginalContinue reading “Hamilton Lottery!!!!!”

VentureBeat Transform AI Conference

I was sponsored to attend VentureBeat’s Transform AI Conference! It was my very first time going to a conference like that and I learned a lot! I’m also super grateful to my manager, Medha, who not only gave me the time to go attend, but also encouraged me to go and share what I learnedContinue reading “VentureBeat Transform AI Conference”

Vancouver Trip: Sense of Direction

Since there are Splunk offices are all over the world, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit one of the remote offices in Vancouver! This was a big experience for me for many reasons. There was the obvious reason of being able to work with my team members who I had onlyContinue reading “Vancouver Trip: Sense of Direction”

First Research Project

This semester, I did an independent study project and presented at the end-of-semester “Meeting of the Minds” event held at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science. Throughout the semester, I worked with my advisor, Cori Faklaris–a Ph.D. student and Arnav Mahajan–another undergraduate, on our research project in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute. Our overall goal was toContinue reading “First Research Project”

Machine Learning Tutorial

As I mentioned in my last post here, I interned at a startup this summer where I got to work on Machine Learning Models. I compiled together the basic core ideas and concepts involved in creating a model like this from start-to-finish and made this fun tutorial: Check it out!

Numerify Summer Internship

This summer I was an intern at Numerify! Numerify is a tech startup providing a system of Intelligence for IT. It was an incredible experience, and I learned so much in such a short period.Numerify’s clients include companies such as Netflix, Coach, and McDonald’s. They use Business Intelligence and analytics tools to help their customersContinue reading “Numerify Summer Internship”