Hello world!

My name is Parmita and I’m a computer scientist, teacher, and artist.
Welcome to my ramblings and life milestones.

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Senior Leadership Recognition Award

“For your dedication and leadership in SCS4All and your exceptional work as a teaching assistant in 15-151 and 15-251, along with your leadership as a tour guide, I have nominated you for the Senior Leadership Recognition.  Thank you for all you have done to help our students in computer science and address issues of diversity and inclusion on our campus.  You areContinue reading “Senior Leadership Recognition Award”

CMWA Award

I just received the Carnegie Mellon Women’s Association Award for the School of Computer Science! (click on the images to go to each part of the award!) It means so much to have my work at SCS recognized like this. I loved reading the 3-page-long nomination letter filled with comments from people across SCS and IContinue reading “CMWA Award”

TAing at CMU

Being a TA is by far the most meaningful experience I have had at CMU. Now that I’ve graduated, I wanted to write something down about it (ya know, before I inevitably grow old and feeble in my mid 20s and forget how important this experience was to me 😛) Life Fulfillment It’s no secretContinue reading “TAing at CMU”