Trip to SFMOMA

I had a really fun time visiting San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) last week with my friends!

One of my favorite pieces there was the piece by Ellsworth Kelly, Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance.

I thought it was really neat that he was inspired by randomness and he even used a random system of color selection in order to make sure that when creating these pieces he wasn’t guided by his own subconscious guideline for a certain composition. 
That got me thinking about randomness in cs and so I created a little project for generating random grids like the piece above. 
I started off with a small Python script using the built-in Turtle graphics library to animate this:
But then I decided it would be best to optimize it as a web page using JavaScript instead so it’d be easier to access and view. I also added a button to keep generating new random grids. 
You try it out yourself here:
And check out the code on GitHub here:

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