Watch Together FB Messenger

It’s here!!!! I worked on the Messenger Cowatch project. It allows you to watch videos together with friends. Check out its official release page for details on How it Works and more. Here’s a pic of me testing it out with my intern mentor. My contribution can be broken into 2 main parts: 1. Using MachineContinue reading “Watch Together FB Messenger”

Remote Internship at Facebook

This summer I was fortunate enough that the company I signed on to intern with, Facebook, was doing a remote internship during the pandemic. I wanted to summarize some of the ups and downs of this experience. Structured Internship Facebook has a very structured internship. Interns (at least on the technical side) are given 3Continue reading “Remote Internship at Facebook”

On Volunteering, Optimizing Metrics, and more

This winter break I volunteered at the Southern California Vipassana Center in Joshua Tree near LA. On being free: I’ve done a couple of 10-day meditation retreats in the past through the Vipassana Organization and the neat thing is that it is completely free.Not even that it’s a non-profit, but actually free. You don’t pay forContinue reading “On Volunteering, Optimizing Metrics, and more”

GHC Thoughts

I was fortunate enough to go to the annual Grace Hopper Celebration– the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. Here are some random thoughts I had throughout my experience: On travelling: Travelling can be pretty annoying. Planning an itinerary, packing the right amount of stuff, waiting in line, standing at the airport, sitting in a plane–andContinue reading “GHC Thoughts”

Summer of Stuff (Photo Journal!)

Many summers, I regret not doing as many activities or going to as many places as I could have. I think part of that is because at the start of summer it feels like you have an infinite amount of time so “why not go somewhere next weekend?”As sad as it sounds I was indeedContinue reading “Summer of Stuff (Photo Journal!)”

Google Science Fair!

As a Technovation Alumn, I was invited to attend the Google Science Fair this year! It was so amazing and inspiring to see the world-shaping inventions these young people are creating. Dianna Cowern aka Physics Girl was MCing the awards ceremony And I was soooo excited because she has had such a huge impact onContinue reading “Google Science Fair!”

Splunk Summer Internship

This summer I got the incredible experience of interning at Splunk!!! There are so many different things I could write about from my experience, but lemme just big a couple main ones: 1) Big vs Small(or more accurately mid-sized company vs startup, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it) 2) CI/CD + CL!(ContinuousContinue reading “Splunk Summer Internship”

Hamilton Lottery!!!!!

I have been obsessed with Hamilton for a while now.  My friends know it: I’ve drawn my favorite characters and made too many comics about them to count.  I’ve listened to the 2 hours and 23 minute soundtrack so many times… …that my music suggestions are definitely skewed: (all these singers are from the OriginalContinue reading “Hamilton Lottery!!!!!”