Featured in SCS Day!

SCS Day is an annual celebration at Carnegie Mellon to showcase the diverse talents of students in the School of Computer Science. I submitted some of the comics I’ve made and I’m proud to say they were selected to be placed in the art gallery!

I had a lot of fun sharing my art with my classmates. I’m pretty used to hearing feedback from lots of anonymous people online, but it’s a completely different experience in person. I was floored when upperclassmen and TAs who I really look up to came up to me to say they liked my comics. It means a lot coming from them. 
I also had tons of fun during the event. Other than the Art Gallery, there was also a big Talent Show and it was so amazing! People showcased their musical talents (there was even a band of SCS students), magic tricks, and even acrobatics! 
Overall it was so much fun and I can’t wait to participate again next year 🙂

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